We Are The Extreme Sports Professionals

Lloyd Massey was born on September 28, 1987 in Portland, Oregon.  His parents, Charles Randolf and Vicki Massey moved their family to Salem, Oregon.  As children, Lloyd and his brothers and sister (Carl, Kyle and Bethany) created the very talented "Hot Shot Tap Dancers".  Their extraordinary gift did not go unnoticed.  America's Got Talent approached these young adults and asked them to perform on this world famous program, making it to the Semi Finals.

But Lloyd's particular entertainer and charismatic appeal was also noticed by John Borba-CEO of WGAS Motorsports.  In 2008 he approached Lloyd and asked him if he would like to come announce his shows.  Lloyd replied that he would love to, but didn't really know anything about motor sports. John then told him:  "I can teach you about the details.  What you have is 'IT', and I can't teach that." John was referring to Lloyd's natural ability to entertain.  Lloyd has been the very unique Voice of WGAS ever since.  

Lloyd was also a dedicated professional.  He soon became the President of WGAS Motorsports. In early 2015 John Borba handed over the reins of the Company to Lloyd and Chelsea Kessler (John Borba's daughter and wife of Sgt. John Kessler).  Together they continued to bring quality family entertainment to the world of motor sports until Lloyd's untimely death in March of 2016.

Anyone who had every come in contact with Lloyd will agree that he was an exceptional young man. He made everyone feel special and touched so many lives.  His favorites quotes that he lived his life by:

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift."
"Live to Love and Love to Live."
"Dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening, and love like you've never had your  heart broken."
As Lloyd would say, "Yo, my name is Lloyd, I'm a entertainer, and a motor-sports announcer....I just do my thing and kick it.  Pretty simple."

Lloyd, you will forever be missed and always be in our hearts.

Tribute to Lloyd Massey

He will always be so many things to all of us, but most of all he is our inspiration.