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Free Style Moto X

Freestyle Motocross (FMX) is an incredible evolution of motocross racing in which motorcycle riders attempt to impress judges (and the crowds) with hair-raising jumps and stunts. Riders display their jumps - usually covering more than 60 feet - from a metal take off ramp to a metal landing ramp. Riders demonstrate their abilities by looking for difficult tricks and variations over jumps. FMX riders typically use much of the same riding gear as MX racers including a helmet, goggles, gloves, boots, jersey and MX pants often elbow and knee pads. Riders may also choose to wear 'body armor' to protect the chest and legs when performing the most dangerous of tricks.

Riders use modified motocross bikes with aftermarket parts to lower weight and improve performance. Riders will often shave down the seat foam and add steering stabilizers. Many riders will also shorten the width of the handle bars, to make it easier to put the legs around the bars. Excess cables, such as brakes and clutch cables are usually redirected away from the bars, to avoid riders getting their boots caught on the bike. The engine and mechanical details of a FMX bike are generally stock.

WGAS is proud to enlist the talents of world famous Metal Mulisha/Fitz Army rider Jimmy Fitzpatrick and many others.Type your paragraph here.