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Tuff Truck racing is an exciting off-road racing event consisting of modified trucks (and sometimes stock trucks for fun) going around a course filled with different jumps, bumps and turns. Tuff Trucks are usually pickup trucks or SUVs that have been upgraded to resist the rigors of the arena unpaved track.

Tuff Truck racing is a game of survival!  Trucks are usually run one at a time, with the quickest time winning.  Sometimes events feature trucks two at a time for added spectacle.  Each vehicle must start each round to qualify.  Number of rounds depends on a variety of variables, but official automatically take the driver’s fastest time. 

WGAS runs two classes of Tuff Trucks:  Street and Open.  The Street Class is for street legal vehicles only.  The Open Class is for modified vehicles:  WGAS follows SCORE Off Road Racing guidelines to provide competitors with more options to use their vehicles.

If you would like to learn more about this Extreme Sport, please contact us directly on our Racer Hotline (916-215-9427), or go to our Registration to sign up!

Tuff Truck Racing